PR Newswire Article: Reagan Lancaster Releases New Book "The Gorilla Dance: Leadership For Executives"

Reagan Lancaster Launches new e-book to help business executives

Reagan Lancaster

5/24/20191 min read

(Original post link at bottom) DALLAS, Nov. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Executive, Athlete, and Cowboy Reagan Lancaster released the first of a series of books on leadership with “The Gorilla Dance: Leadership for Executives.” Reagan Lancaster brings his many years of business executive knowledge to show you how to play with the hand you’re dealt, that knowledge really does equal power, the recipe for success, work ethic, setting the pace, and so much more.

Author Reagan Lancaster was born in Denton and raised in Plano, Texas, and built some of the most successful software companies in history. Lancaster pushed right to the top of the computer software industry at Wang Labs, where he was sponsored by technology legend An Wang and worked alongside other legends like John Chambers of Cisco and Courtney Wang.

Lancaster has a proven career in the software business from building industry giants like Oracle to building some of the most successful startups in tech history. As President and Chief Revenue Officer Lancaster built i2 Technologies from 6min sales to 1.2 billion in sales in just six years. This book, written for building executive leaders, dives into some of these stories and more.

Reagan Lancaster’s accomplishments today have been focused on helping startups grow, hire, and acquire necessary parts to be a powerhouse in their segment.

You can get the new book “The Gorilla Dance: Leadership for Executives” by Reagan Lancaster now on Google Books here:

Be on the lookout for the next series of books from Reagan as he dives into the life of an athlete and cowboy.

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